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As Painter And Decorator Twickenham boss Martin says:

“If you are professional, reliable and you get the job done as instructed, why wouldn’t every customer be satisfied?

It’s not rocket science!”

All done perfectly, we’re thrilled. We’ll be recommending your business without a doubt.

R Skelling, Twickenham

We’ve had bad experiences with decorators before and have found it hard to find someone who can be relied on. Most decorators seem to work when they please and the job always drags on much longer than they say it will. But the reason I am writing is that our experience with your firm has been entirely different. Everything went to schedule but what we appreciated most was that Martin encouraged us to inspect everything to make sure we were happy. Most people just tell us the job is finished and then over the next few days you start noticing all the bits they missed. So we are more than happy with the service we have received from Painter & Decorator Twickenham. Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial.

Mr and Mrs Grace, Twickenham

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the level of professionalism shown by your firm. It was a pleasure to watch an expert like Martin at work – he made everything look so easy. We have never had our house looking so good and I wouldn’t dream of ever trying to do any decorating again myself.

John Williams, Twickenham

Turned up on time and finished on time – just like you said. I bet my wife that wouldn’t happen and I’m glad to lose the bet. Thanks to everyone, especially Martin who originally took my booking – she is so polite and helpful and did everything she said she would.

Mrs J Wilks, Twickenham

Would we recommend you? YES!

Sheila and Pete, Twickenham

I’ve got to be honest I’m not just impressed I’m really impressed – you guys are very organised and it was clear from day one you were far more professional than decorators we have had before. Well done and thanks to everyone.

Mr B Long, Twickenham